Collis Hill
Room at Hotel Collis HillRoom at Hotel Collis HillRoom at Hotel Collis Hill



Double room Grünstein at Hotel Collis Hill
Bathroom at Collis Hill

Equipment of the rooms at the Großglockner


  • Natural materials
  • Italian tiled floor
  • Hand- and custom-made furniture
  • Comfortable double bed, 180 x 200
  • Minimalistic wardrobe
  • Sofa with soft pillows
  • Bookcase 
  • Dressing table

First aid & Security

  • Safe & telephone
  • Fire alarm
  • First Aid kit (on the ground floor)


Hygiene & Miscellaneous

  • Daily cleaning of the room if requested
  • Weekly change of linen
  • Baby equipment on request
  • Dogs allowed in our rooms

Things for your daily need

  • Bathroom with toilet and shower
  • Large mirror
  • Towels & bed linen
  • Natural cosmetic products
  • Home-made soaps
  • Hairdryer and hair straightener
  • WIFI 
Why Kalkglimmer? Why Kristallglimmer? Why Grünstein?
How our rooms got their names

The residential units in our main house are assigned to the element earth and bear the names of types of rock that occur in the Grossglockner massif. The Großglockner – at 3.798 meters the highest mountain in Austria – was created through the interaction of tectonic uplift and erosion: while the mountain massif pushed upwards, softer rock was eroded and the mountain peaks visible today became recognizable.

Additional family room Kalkglimmer:
The massif is surrounded by layers of mica slate. With its characteristic blue-grey color, this is the namesake for the family rooms.

Additional Junior Suite Kristallschiefer:
The Großglockner consists of particularly hard crystalline slate. That's why we called our Junior Suite Kristallschiefer.

Additional double room Grünstein:
The Großglockner owes its height to the greenish-colored rock called prasinit, which used to be called "greenstone". Today our double rooms bear this name.

Why Kalkglimmer? Why Kristallglimmer? Why Grünstein?
Why Kalkglimmer? Why Kristallglimmer? Why Grünstein?

Free time?

Enjoy your free time and freedom in the East Tyrolean mountains while hiking or biking, skiing or sledging. 
Just follow the call of the mountains!

Collis Hill