Collis Hill
Nebel in den Bergen von Osttirol


From the idea to our mountain resort

Our Mountain Resort in the national park community Kals am Großglockner is based on the structure of old villages. Staying in our five rooms and three Tichas means that you will meet each other at very special places: sitting around the open campfire and talking about life and the loved ones back home, feeling the big wide-open space of the universe above us and looking at things from a different perspective.

We work in harmony with the elements and take care of our inner and outer nature at the same time. We don't have final answers but we ask ourselves essential questions regarding our guests every day: how do we want to live together - now and in the future? At COLLIS HILL we work at our common blossoming. Let your love blossom every day!

A vision turning into a mission

Ticha im Herbst
Ticha von Collis Hill

Take your time. Calm down. Focus on you. HERE.

Holidays at Collis Hill
Special from the very beginning

How do perfect holidays at COLLIS HILL in Kals am Großglockner look like? Take your time to settle in, feel the place, explore yourself. We suggest to stay at least one week to really "be" here. Otherwise the thought of leaving again might be to omnipresent. We, however, would like to invite you to feel the moment and to dedicate yourself to all the various opportunities this place offers! 

Holidays at Collis Hill
Holidays at Collis Hill


Whether you stay in one of our personally decorated rooms or in one of the Tichas, you always profit from the unique atmosphere of our Mountain R esort. 
COLLIS HILL is cozily small.



The landscape around COLLIS HILL opens up great opportunities for the ultimate feeling of holidays. The nearby Großglockner is a huge adventure playground for small and big explorers. 



A trip to the mountains is always a journey to ourselves. Take your time for contemplation and listen to your gut feeling. We believe in the best quality and genuine East Tyrolean products.  



Meeting our guests is very important for us. Enjoy the company of like-minded people around the campfire and the face-to-face communication of former times.  



Your time-out at COLLIS HILL guarantees pure relaxation and genuine experiences in our East Tyrolean mountains. Collect memorable moments that you can take back home!

Collis Hill