Collis Hill
Culinary breakfast at Hotel Collis HillCulinary breakfast at Hotel Collis HillCulinary breakfast at Hotel Collis Hill

Gut Feeling


Regional. Seasonal. Nothing else.

We should listen more to our gut feeling. Not just in the figurative sense but literally. Whatever our mind does not yet realize, our body is already aware of. This is why an optimum supply of our body and mind with important nutrients is of utmost importance. For us food is much more than just nutrition in its basic sense.

We feel nurtured when we enjoy together with pleasure, when food is combined with social interaction, good talks and maybe a glass of wine and when we can be sure that we do something good for our body. 
At COLLIS HILL we cherish food for our body, mind and soul. 

We trust food that has been produced in the area for centuries: Fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products, eggs from happy chickens and well-selected local free-range meat. At COLLIS HILL Mountain Resort you enjoy the fragrance and the taste of the East Tyrolean mountains. 

Treat with a pleasure

Kulinarisches Frühstück im Collis Hill
Kulinarisches Gericht im Collis Hill

The world does not change over night, but we can.


Free time?

Enjoy your free time and freedom in the East Tyrolean mountains while hiking or biking, skiing or sledging. 
Just follow the call of the mountains!

Collis Hill