Collis Hill
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A time out at Collis Hill


Encounters in the mountains

Our Mountain Resort am Großglockner does not offer any "active program", no sports or relaxation units at predetermined times, no timetable for group excursions. Instead we extend an invitation: Come and discover the simplicity of being. We make low-threshold offers for varied activities but you decide - spontaneously and anew every day - what you would like to do.

The area around the Großglockner offers endless options: If you want to be active, you will totally get your money's worth at COLLIS HILL  – no matter if you prefer hiking or biking in summer, skiing or cross-country skiing in winter. However, we would also like to invite less sporty people to dive into nature. It does not matter how slow or fast you approach this world, the main thing is that you get to meet the mountains.

About authenticity and genuineness

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A journey to the mountains

... as a journey to yourself

It is said that a trip to the mountains is always a trip to ourselves. Modern alpinism emerged a good 200 years ago. To this day, he demands two qualities: daring and purposelessness. Anyone who goes into the mountains shows courage, no matter how demanding the chosen route may be. It's about accepting a challenge for yourself and venturing into untouched nature. The movement in nature is not tied to a specific purpose. In fact, the phrase "the journey is the reward" applies. We are happy to give you recommendations and tips along the way.

Finding new strength in being active

Varied Holidays in East Tyrol

Far away from your usual routine, you will experience a tranquility at COLLIS HILL in Kals am Großglockner that envelops you like velvet and silk. In the seclusion of the East Tyrolean mountains you will find that moment of calm that fades away the voices in your head.  

We are happy to offer you the chance to try out something new – in nature as well as in art. Together with our partners we offer you well-selected activities in the East Tyrolean mountains.  You can explore your creative potential during pottery, drawing courses or writing workshops that we organize on site. 


Pottery, drawing, music, writing


Hiking, Biking, Skiing

Free time?

Enjoy your free time and freedom in the East Tyrolean mountains while hiking or biking, skiing or sledging. 
Just follow the call of the mountains!

Collis Hill